We have Spanish Sulphur Horses and Spanish Pryor Horses here at our ranch. We have a number of foals of different ages available for sale. On the individual pages of each mare you will see the foals that are for sale from each horse. All of our babies have been imprinted from birth and halter broke. Most have had their feet worked with so you can pick up all of their feet. They have been desensitized so they are not afraid of most things. They are all very loving and just like to be around people and be loved. If you want a horse that is a loving member of your family and is your favorite pet, then you have come to the right place.

For all sales, contact:   Naylene Nield      naylene@interspan.com    or call 435-865-0454

All sales are handled personally through Naylene to make sure of a quality fit for her babies.

All prices are negotiated between Naylene and the buyer, the most important thing to her is the home that the horse is going to, she has hand raised all of these horses and has a special bond with each one. Naylene needs to know that the home that the horse is going to will be as loving a place as they have here on our ranch. When you get a horse from the Outlaw Ranch you are getting a life long friend that will be totally devoted to you for it's entire life. All of our Sulphur Horses are registered in the SulphurSprings Horse Registry and our Pryor Horses can be registered in the Pryor Mountain Mustang Breeders Association. 


"The Spanish horses are some of the most loving and gentle horses that I have ever worked with. They are devoted to their owner and are very willing to please and will do everything you ask of them. I have been working with horses for the last 15 years and these are by far the best horses I have ever owned, I have learned so much from them, each one has it's own distict personality and attitude. You can't help but to just love them!"   

For history on the horses and to see all of our Photographs go to: